Commit Object

A Commit contains a hash, a committer (name and email), an author (name, and email), a message, the authored date, committed date, a list of its parent hashes (if it’s a merge commit, the commit has two parents), and the list of modification.

For example:

for commit in RepositoryMining('path/to/the/repo').traverse_commits():
        'Hash: {}\n'.format(commit.hash),
        'Author: {}'.format(,
        'Committer: {}'.format(,
        'Author date: {}'.format(commit.author_date.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")),
        'Message: {}'.format(commit.msg),
        'Merge: {}'.format(commit.merge),
        'In main branch: {}'.format(commit.in_main_branch)