Commit ObjectΒΆ

A Commit object has all the information of a Git commit, and much more. More specifically:

  • hash (str): hash of the commit
  • msg (str): commit message
  • author (Developer): commit author (name, email)
  • author_date (datetime): authored date
  • author_timezone (int): author timezone (expressed in seconds from epoch)
  • committer (Developer): commit committer (name, email)
  • committer_date (datetime): commit date
  • committer_timezone (int): commit timezone (expressed in seconds from epoch)
  • branches (List[str]): List of branches that contain this commit
  • in_main_branch (Bool): True if the commit is in the main branch
  • merge (Bool): True if the commit is a merge commit
  • modifications (List[Modifications]): list of modified files in the commit (see Modifications)
  • parents (Set[str]): list of the commit parents
  • project_name (str): project name
  • project_path (str): project path


for commit in RepositoryMining('path/to/the/repo').traverse_commits():
        'The commit {} has been modified by {}, '
        'committed by {} in date {}'.format(