You can get a list of modified files as well as their diffs and current source code from each commit. All Modifications can be obtained by iterating over the ModifiedFile object. Each modification object references a modified file and has the following fields:

  • old_path: old path of the file (can be _None_ if the file is added)

  • new_path: new path of the file (can be _None_ if the file is deleted)

  • filename: return only the filename (e.g., given a path-like-string such as “/Users/dspadini/pydriller/” returns “”)

  • change_type: type of the change: can be Added, Deleted, Modified, or Renamed. If you use you get ADD, DELETE, MODIFY, RENAME.

  • diff: diff of the file as Git presents it (e.g., starting with @@ xx,xx @@).

  • diff_parsed: diff parsed in a dictionary containing the added and deleted lines. The dictionary has 2 keys: “added” and “deleted”, each containing a list of Tuple (int, str) corresponding to (number of line in the file, actual line).

  • added_lines: number of lines added

  • deleted_lines: number of lines removed

  • source_code: source code of the file (can be _None_ if the file is deleted or only renamed)

  • source_code_before: source code of the file before the change (can be _None_ if the file is added or only renamed)

  • methods: list of methods of the file. The list might be empty if the programming language is not supported or if the file is not a source code file. These are the methods after the change.

  • methods_before: list of methods of the file before the change (e.g., before the commit.)

  • changed_methods: subset of _methods_ containing only the changed methods.

  • nloc: Lines Of Code (LOC) of the file

  • complexity: Cyclomatic Complexity of the file

  • token_count: Number of Tokens of the file

NOTE: the list of modifications might be empty if the commit is a merge commit. For more info on this, check out this post.

For example:

for commit in Repository('path/to/the/repo').traverse_commits():
    for m in commit.modified_files:
            "Author {}".format(,
            " modified {}".format(m.filename),
            " with a change type of {}".format(,
            " and the complexity is {}".format(m.complexity)